Sunday, 31 May 2009

I'd like to start today's ramble by thanking the stupid woman who thought it would be a good idea to honk her horn outside my house at 7.45 this morning - she woke me up!!! Felt all discombobulated (yes that is a word, spellchecker) as I shot out of bed in a hurry!

Still, I suppose I needed to get up anyway. John was already up and had started painting - very impressed, in fact so impressed I made him a cooked breakfast! Eat your heart out Little Chef!!

I promised yesterday that I would sort all my shoes out today, John says I must have at least a dozen pairs (yes - at reality I have no idea how many) trouble is I always think, I'll keep those - just in case. I was all ready to not only sort shoes but also wardrobe - until I suddenly got a cramp-like pain in my back - no seriously, it really hurt - which has left me in agony and barely able to move all day. I managed to sort two pairs of shoes and half a wardrobe - promising myself that I would do the rest later ... now is later and of course it's not done!

I managed to drag myself to Dunelm with John to look at curtains, I started to look at the curtaining for the bedroom but fell in love with a gorgeous fabric for the lounge, not at all what I intended.

I also wanted to buy a glass fruit bowl - just a cheap old thing the sort of thing I bought from Woolworth's all those years ago - and we want a cabinet type thing for DVDs and CDs - the sort of ting you'd have bought from ...MFI. This is the first time that I have really missed both stores - bizarrely. All I could find relatively cheaply bowl-wise was good old Pyrex - but that is not what I want! (sorry found myself really banging the keyboard then!) Ended up buying a chrome fruit bowl so that I can use the fruit bowl for salad, instead of the casserole dish I have been using!!

Hasn't today's weather been glorious (if you live in Suffolk, anyway)? Believe it or not it was too hot to sit in the garden for more than about an hour, I took the opportunity to take some photo's - I just love the intricacies of simple flower heads - hope you do too.

No more BGT for this year - Big Brother returns on Thursday. I hardly watched any of last year - must try not to get hooked on this year's either! My TV viewing habits are very sad really, like a bit of something that means I can escape from my reality!
Thanks for passing by...

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