Friday, 15 May 2009

TGI Friday!!!

Excellent day today - hurrah I hear you all virtually saying! No seriously, it's been a great day - compliment received very early in day (professionally of course!) and interviews were fab - very disappointed that the first candidate didn't turn up as her CV was brilliant but out of six people we could have appointed five - what a luxury, the recession has its benefits although all of them apart from one are currently employed. We have made our choice and the announcements will be made next week (exercising caution here - you never know somebody else may read this post!!!)

Sadly lovely Lisa couldn't work today because she wasn't well - took the edge off what would have been her final day. Never mind, she's not going far away.

Exciting news on the agricultural front - the double pot things for tomato plants have arrived so I will plant the tomatoes at the weekend, the crops already planted are doing well and the water butt is actually overflowing from last nights rain. The lawn now has far fewer brown patches and you can barely see the joins!

Time for dinner - not much left after freezer disaster - pie & chips all round!

Off for a glass of wine now - blog later!

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