Saturday, 9 May 2009

Today & yesterday

Yesterday was fun! Day off work, planned to do the housework in the morning and to meet Julie in the afternoon for shopping.

Lovely start to the morning, cloudy sky - quite windy - decided to take a chance with hanging the washing out (I am obsessed with line drying washing). The inevitable happened, just get out of the shower to find a few spots of rain on the windows - nothing unusual there - it was so windy I thought it was bound to blow over, how wrong! Rushed out into the garden with flip-flops on - I had forgotten just how difficult it is to walk in the wet with flip-flops (even my classy gold coloured ones), managed to stay upright but got soaked and had to add to global warming with the tumble drier (I can't believe I've just written a whole paragraph about the laundry!!)

Both of my boys were home yesterday morning as well, number 1 son surfaced about 10.30 and proceeded to clean his room and the bathroom - yes, without being asked! Number 2 son arrives home at 8.30, goes back to bed and resurfaced about 11 -promptly sat on his backside moving only from the sofa to the PC when I vacated the chair! How different can two boys be? Bring on martyred mother, a role I have become very expert in, bemoaning the fact that my day off was spent doing housework etc - he finally swept the kitchen floor, bless him!

I left home in atrocious weather to meet Julie but we had a great time, I accomplished my mission of buying number 1 sons' girlfriends' birthday present - its a secret just in case she should ever stumble across my ramblings - plus a few other bits, including shoes that I will need to confess to at some time soon. Had a pleasant drive back to Julies' shouting obscenities at a young man in a BMW - Julie's idea, not mine (ouch - I felt that), had simple but delicious dinner together and then home to bed.

As you can see from the pics below I have spent most of the day gardening - strangely soothing I find, no opportunity for the mind chatter that gets in the way at other times. I feel quite satisfied with my achievements today - back aches but hey, just another ache to complain about!

Going to veg out now in front of the TV - Britain's Got Talent, but its also got dillusionists, coming up next - I wonder what tonight will give us??

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  1. Anonymous10/5/09

    Simple but delicious - flippin cheek and the BMW driver was an idiot (polite word for Anonymus x


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