Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What - no blogging?

I missed a day - my dear friend Julie is getting withdrawal symptoms, so it's imperative that I ramble for a while this evening!

No blogging yesterday - just didn't have time. Had the pleasure of a trip to the dentist after work (mmm 2 fillings and scale & polish to follow!) and then the real pleasure of the lovely Carl rubbing my feet for reflexology, always feels so good.

Strangely, the past couple of days at work have not been too bad. All quite calm even though the 'big' boys (well, women in suits) were in yesterday from the equivalent of the regional office - targets heh, who'd have them?? (Still not giving away too much about work am I?). Today has been spent validating and doing odds & sods of other work which gets in the way of the targets!

My friend, who shall remain nameless, has just told me about a magic woman who makes grey hair disappear and takes photos to make her look gorgeous - call me cynical but it won't last - the grey hair will grow back and the colour fade, sorry to burst your happiness bubble! Oh that's right - your son has already done that hasn't he!!!

Well, time to eat - number two son and girlfriend are here for their tea tonight (or is it dinner - always changing what I call it - but never supper!!) Lazy meal, carbonara sauce and those little packs of stuffed pasta from Sainsburys.

You'll be pleased to know that Twitter seems to have managed to block the saddos that keep pushing porn sites - why can't I get something interesting?

As I'm writing this I'm still convinced that only Julie will read it - if I'm wrong for God's sake tell me - I may have to change my content in case it offends!

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  1. Anonymous8/5/09

    I'm reading it


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