Friday, 22 May 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Wow, wow, wow - John Barrowman was FANTASTIC on Wednesday at Ipswich Regent. OK he was heavy on the Gay side and at times very camp, but oh my - that man can hold a tune! He bounced on to the stage to Queen's 'Don't stop me now' and I really can't tell you much about what else he sang but they were all well known, toe-tapping type tunes, he finished off with 'I am what I am'. The man lives to entertain and seems, genuinely, to love the attention of his fans. He loved Ipswich (better than Liverpool he said - I know, he says that about everywhere he goes) and I would certainly go to see him if he did a return visit. Probably the most touching part of the evening was when JB brought his parents on to the stage to do the 'Slosh' with him! Now, I remember the dance from my dancing lessons as a teenager (always danced to 'Sugar' by The Archies) and no, I was not tempted to stand up and do it! Overall though the audience was well behaved and nobody even stood up until close to the end - by which time everybody stood up because you couldn't see otherwise!
Before going to the show, John (husband - not Barrowman :()and I went to the Chinese buffet opposite the theatre for something to eat, sitting by the window I was captivated by the members of the audience as they arrived. Unfortunately, I was sitting by a frosted piece of glass and had to lean forward to see, but boy was there a feast of blog-fodder! The audience was diverse in age, size and outfits. I personally don't get all this worlds biggest fan thing, but clearly there are people out there who do - feather boas ruled!
All in all an excellent evening - and I was really late to bed because we didn't get home till 10.45!!

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