Sunday, 24 May 2009

Social Saturday

Once I'd managed to put the laptop down Saturday was very productive! Managed to get around the garden to pull up all of the forget me nots, take off the seed heads from the grape hyacinths - so pretty but boy do those tiny bulbs spread, such microscopic beginnings for an invader that really needs no cultivation!

I thought I ought to move all the veggie containers closer together and found what I can only describe as an ant farm underneath the carrot container! I'm trying to establish if ants have any purpose in life, other than churning earth into fine dust and leaving piles of it everywhere! Although having said that, the habitat they had created under the carrots was a very rich dark looking soil.

Whilst I slaved in the garden, John started to decorate the lounge diner in readiness for new flooring and fireplace. He decided to buy one of those paint things that they advertise on the shopping channels - you know, the ones that don't splash, drip etc - I think you know what's coming next...yep, all over the carpet that we promised to our friends who have just got a new house! Not his fault of course, the thread on one of the pods was faulty and as he started to roll the lid came off! No don't be silly, of course there was nothing covering the carpet 'just in case'. All was not lost as the paint did come up with a dose of Fairy liquid - phew!

Well, the title of this post is Social Saturday - you're probably wondering how solitary gardening falls into that category. Not known for being terribly impulsive, John invited the friend that I call Julie to visit when she phoned in the morning - I knew I'd brought that large lasagne for a reason! Julie and her daughter, who happens to be my god-daughter, arrived about 6pm and we had a lovely evening together - simple but delicious meal! You know, there was a time when I would have scorned ready made meals but life's too short isn't it? So much nicer to throw the ready meal into the oven, open the bag of already prepared salad leaves and tip the cherry tomatoes into the bowl. I did have to chop the cucumber into chunks and the pepper into slices.We then slobbed in front of the TV, firstly to watch the lovely John Barrowman and then the oddities who think they meet the criteria for the last word in Britain's Got Talent - why oh why do the judges put some of these people through?? The weirdest act ever last night - strange gothic looking bloke with huge holes in his ears, nose, lips,chin - eeewwww! He proceeded to chain a steel dustbin to his ears and swung it round - please don't tell me that the Queen would really want to spend an evening watching that???

Thank you Julie & E, for your company it's good to spend relaxing time together and I'm really please that we do that more often these days - whatever the reason!

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