Thursday, 28 May 2009

Th, Th Thursday

No - I haven't developed a stutter, that's just me after my visit to the dentist (I know I'm really clutching at straws now with the alliteration!)

Well, I played hooky this morning before I went to the dentist! Got a few chores done before I went off to town - just wondering how many shirts a man can wear in the course of a few days?? Judging by the ironing basket about eight! (I'm interested now to see what ads Google give me for that one! Have you seen the ads lately? Damn clever - after yesterday's blog the ads turned to menopause remedies and solutions for sleeplessness, very clever)

My trip to the dentist was completely uneventful - laid back in the chair, opened my mouth and let her fill away!! Very numb face for a couple of hours but no other side effects, treated myself to an M&S BLT sandwich - which I didn't eat till 3.30 - I forgot that I hadn't eaten, most unusual for me!

Went out for more retirement drinks after work, just to a local pub this time. Had a great time slagging (watch the ads for that one!!) everybody off - just as well there weren't many other people around or we'll all be in big trouble!

Have the house to myself tonight - John has gone to see Nickleback with number 1 son and his girlfriend, number 2 son is at the girlfriends, dinner was a weight watchers risotto followed by rhubarb & strawberry ice cream - absolutely delicious! I really ought to go out more often - I've only just noticed that it's nearly 10 o'clock and I'm still wide awake!

I must go to bed now - I don't know what might happen to me after 10 o'clock - will watch BGT 2 though till I drop off!

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