Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Had to defrost the 'frost-free' freezer this morning. The red light has been coming on for a while and the engineer came a couple of weeks ago but couldn't fix it because it was frozen solid. Started to empty the freezer only to find that most of the contents had defrosted - ended up throwing a black bin bag full of rotting meat and fish in the bin - John said 'Lets have that leg of lamb for dinner' I don't think so!!

Well, for something frost free, let me tell you it took some defrosting - about two hours with my hair drier! Then the inevitable happened - I couldn't work out where all the ice was going to, then discovered there was a pool of water over the kitchen floor! Good old number 1 son to the rescue! He remembered the engineer explaining the workings of the freezer to him - there's a drip tray at the back that would normally just dissipate the water - not today though!

Isn't it amazing what you find under the appliances that you never move out (or am I the only one that doesn't move them out when I wash the floor?)?

The good news is that when we switched the freezer back on, the horrendous noise had stopped and it appears to be working OK again - dilemma now is do I cancel the engineers visit for Tuesday and take a chance?

With that job done, it was off to buy a birthday present for number 2 son - hadn't really left it to the eleventh hour (his birthday is tomorrow!) - I've been asking for ages what he would like but just got the typical teenage shoulder shrug and grunt, ended up with a voucher for theatre/concert tickets he can chose what he'd like to do then.

I'm feeling really guilty now because I have sat in the garden and read the paper this afternoon, knowing that there are other things that need doing but what the hell - it's Sunday after all!

Better wrap this up for now and reacquaint myself with the ironing board - I may be back later!

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