Monday, 25 May 2009

Muggy Monday!

Today's title comes courtesy of number 2 son - I'm running out of original adjectives!

The day didn't start brilliantly with a car alarm sirening at 3.30am, must confess went straight back to sleep, but John clearly didn't, as he woke me up, at 5.30, when he decided to give up and go downstairs. I debated whether just to lie still and hope to go back to sleep but opted for a cup of tea and 10 minutes with my book - 'Friday Nights' by Joanna Trollope (I've been trying to read it for ages but seem to get pre-occupied with other things like, er - this!!) After dozing off for a couple of hours, finally got up around 8.30 - greeted by grey skies and high humidity - hence the post title.

Why do I feel so guilty when I sit down with my trusted friend lappy, knowing that I really should do the hundred-and-one jobs that need doing around the house. I keep finding myself saying 'I'll just finish this and then I'll get on with...' or 'Won't be a minute...' when I know I'll be a lot longer.

Hence today I have been very good, went to B&Q to choose paint - not that I don't trust John to go on his own but there has to be a project manager doesn't there? Went for Ivory Cream - special offer two 2.5 litre pots for £2o or £25 for one 5 litre pot - bit of a no brainer really! Also brought some alpines to plant where the old patio is quite buried by the new one - fingers crossed that the damn birds don't eat all the sedums like they did last time I planted them.
I planned to do the ironing after I'd planted and John had finished the dining room half of the room - that didn't happen and now I feel guilty 'cos number 1 son said 'Don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow'.
I've been thinking for some time about buying a new camera - would really like an SLR but must be realistic! Instead opted for Sony Cybershot - got a great deal as I spent my Nectar points and 20% staff discount from number 1 son's card - result, so I ended up only paying £35 for £200 camera - bargain!

Once I've worked out how to use it I'll share the results with you!
Decided to use the first of the lettuces for dinner tonight - only very tiny still, but oh so tasty - now need to plant some more seeds to keep cropping! See picture at top of post - I really must get to grips with the positioning of images - that can be my challenge for this week!
All in all a great weekend, weather fabulous for the most part as the rain has held off until this evening and loads of things done. Onwards and upwards now for the coming week!

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  1. Good luck with the cybershot, not a bad camera. We asl use a fujifilm; which is better for Macro - you got a fantstic deal though well done!


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