Monday, 4 May 2009

I knew I shouldn't have started this...

Bank holiday Monday. The morning has been spent with my beloved, trying to find places that sell fires & fire surrounds ended up in B&Q (other DIY stores are available) - bargain! Half the price of the posh shops - only draw back is you have to fit them yourselves, hope the boys will be up for the challenge!

I'm really pleased that I have made my friend Julie famous (if only in her own mind) by mentioning her yesterday - see I've done it again so she's twice as famous!!! I don't know if anybody else will ever read what I'm writing - always wondered that with Twitter though and look at me now, I have conversations with people even though I only really know four of the people that I follow or who follow me! I also seem to have managed to attract some very dubious would-be (female) followers who tell me they're looking for love! Not to worry - the men at Twitter seem to be on to them.

It's a shame the weather is so miserable today - really grey skies and quite chilly - 'cos I really need to get out into the garden. We have decided to grow veg this year - only in pots so not too adventurous - watch this space for the progress. So far we have planted strawberries in one of those strawberry pots - loads of flowers so fingers crossed, lettuce, radishes and mini carrots. My son planted peppers but I fear that they may be doomed to fail as there are no signs of life after several weeks :(.

John has just made me a sandwich for my lunch - how thoughtful of him, as (if) you get to know me thorough this blog, you will find that I'm not always so kind about him (that doesn't include Julie 'cos she already knows!)

Time to knuckle down now and finish the ironing and other bits. Back to work tomorrow so must prepare myself mentally for the onslaught.

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