Friday, 22 May 2009

Just Thursday (and Friday)

Really can't think of an alliteration for Thursday - should it begin with 'th...' or just 'T' - let me know (if anybody cares!)

Great news for number 2 son, when he was serving a customer at the weekend he got into conversation with her and it transpired she was an estate agent (realtor for my American friends), he has been applying for such jobs for a while now so he told her this - she gave him her card and told him to call him on Monday!! Anyway, as a result of this chance meeting he had an interview yesterday and has been offered a job as a trainee negotiator, subject to the usual things!! He is over the moon as are we all - he looked lovely in his new suit, shirt & tie bought by his father - now keeping everything crossed that the plan comes to fruition.
The vigilant among you will have spotted that there has not been a mention of Julie for several posts, she is starting to get worried so Julie this is for you Julie, Julie, Julie! (You'll notice that I have buried this in the middle of a post just to see if she spots it ha ha!).

I've had the day off today, time to catch up with the housework and stuff. The electrician has been to put the point in for the new fire and has connected the outside light on the garage. I've cut the new lawn for the first time and, yes, it it a little patchy in places but it's a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I've now harvested the whole of the first crop of radishes and planted some more, planted beetroots (don't know why, I hate it!) and potatoes - just some scabby ones from the cupboard with loads of eyes, we'll just have to wait and see what happens with those!

OK - probably all blogged out for now, off out again this evening - I know, like buses, my nights out all come along together!

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