Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fun-Filled Friday Evening

Great evening out with work colleagues. We started at a wine bar before moving off to Zizis (they should be paying me for eating there!). There was a mixed group of us, probably aged between 35 & 55, some married, some single, others somewhere in between! Now, I need to be discrete here, Karyn (single) went off to the bar and came back talking animatedly to a bloke - probably in his early 40s (good age for her), turned out he knew somebody we knew (not going to divulge circumstances). They were both being incredibly flirtatious and things looked as if they could be promising - until he mentioned he had a girlfriend!! Said girlfriend duly arrived - if looks could kill...

Anyway, we moved on to eat - for some reason Zizis always pack large groups into tight spaces, leaving you sitting thigh to thigh and elbow to elbow. On this occasion it was the elbow situation that caused the problem - Janette, seated to my right, was knocked by Maria, sitting to her right resulting in Janette throwing a glass of wine (thankfully white) all over me, it was such a shock that it felt like a bucket of water, rather than a glass of wine! Oh - it also splashed over Cheryl who was sitting to my left! The immediate response from Karyn was 'That'll be in the blog tomorrow' how well she knows me! Ladies - thank you all for a lovely night out if you should ever read this!

All the years of ferrying the kids about has now finally paid off - number 1 son came to collect me at the end of the evening and drove me home, thanks son! (He will never see that comment!)

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