Friday, 29 May 2009

Farewell Friday

Said goodbye to a colleague today as she started her new life with early retirement - all the best Judy, it's been great working with you over the years.

Right, back to random stuff! What the hell were those seagulls doing at 3.45 this morning, screeching and squawking as if they own the place? Result - I lay awake and they disappeared as soon as they arrived, typical.

After an hour or so I thought I might as well get up, found Twitter strangely quiet at that time of the morning but the trans-atlantic tweeps were still going strong!

I'd like to mention @farctum, in real life somebody I know through work but now one of my virtual friends, she has posed the question on her blog 'What has Twitter done for you?' My answer would probably be that it has let me escape into a world of total banality, the seemingly mundane world of the celebrities who tweet about their lunch and the school run and last but not least it has introduced me to my cyber pen friend @jaydubblah! Poor J has had a fraught Friday today and reverted to a bottle of Chablis - cheers J, here's to friendship in whatever form it takes!

My dear friend Julie has given me permission to blog less often if I want to, the regular readers among you will recall that, when I first started blogging, it was Julie that was spurring me on to write everyday - do you think she's getting fed up with my ramblings? I have surprised myself with the enjoyment I have had from rambling for the last few weeks - strangely cathartic for some reason, my little escape from life.

Well, the weekend looms large. Decorating to finish (him not me), carpet to take up (again, him) - what shall I do? Oh yes, haircut first thing then I think I'll take myself off to buy some prescription sunglasses - shall I go for the uber trendy huge frames mmm... can't decide, I'll let you know! Oh yes - I'll fiddle with the new camera and hopefully post the results!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Give Judy my love; she will be missed. I think you should still post daily! and thanks for the mention @farctum :) but here known as grethic


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