Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Torrid Tuesday

Well at least it was when I got home! The sons had had a barney so the air was tense when we got home, all over waiting for delivery of the new fire which was due during the day - number 1 son agreed to wait in but got a bit fed up when there was no sign of it by mid afternoon, so decided to phone number 2 son to ask him to come home - let's say that diplomacy didn't rule! After much effing & blinding and a phone call to father which was also angry, the two of them were at loggerheads. Dad duly came home and continued to wait for said delivery and ended up going to B&Q at 5.30 to complain about non-delivery. It finally arrived at 6.45 - by which time tempers had not only frayed but started to ignite!!

In comparison work was actually OK! Just so glad it wasn't me that got the phone call!

Got the memory stick for the new camera - didn't really feel like photography though when everything had quietened down. Typically, the boys are now playing on the x-box like very best friends - all the angst they put us through, doesn't seem to get any better with age!

Got to get ready now for my fix of Britain's Got Talent - what the hell will they throw at us tonight?

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