Friday, 15 May 2009

Wet Friday - very early!

Ahh - woken by the rain this morning, actually quite glad to hear it. I think there's somthing comforting about a quiet morning and the splodge of rain as it falls.

Too tired (again) to blog last night, but, for those of you who give a damn, had a far better day at work yesterday - thank you! A lot calmer and the boss lives to fight another day! I will be spending most of today with her interviewing for a replacement for the lovely Lisa who leaves us today for better things. I hope she will be very happy,

Will update later - hopefully we will get a good result today - the two temps who have tried the job this week only lasted half a day each! And before you ask, no it wasn't my fault as I was hardly around!! Oh please let there be the right person today - I'm a really lovely person to work for, honestly, and as previously mentioned practising my restraint!! That also needs to include treatemnt for my presumed Touretts!! If only I could speak in symbols!
More later - wish me luck!!

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