Sunday, 17 May 2009

Soggy Sunday!

Yuk - what a horrible day, woke up to rain at about 6.30, became optimistic about 8.30 and got soaked getting the washing in at 11.30.

Never mind, tomatoes and dwarf beans have been planted in grow bags - not sure if the beans are supposed to be in grow bags but they're planted now. Number one son made 'wigwam' supports for the beans, which promptly blew over when the wind got up - may have to rethink that one!

I've treated myself to a laptop bag - designed to keep it tidy at home and to protect the lap from heat!
I have also become addicted to the Gardenhood app on Facebook - I know, I need to exercise restraint. Trouble is it doesn't happen fast enough for me, the plants need to grow overnight and you run out of money really quickly so it's a matter of waiting and being patient - strangely enough I can do that in the real garden, no problem.

Something I won't be doing is naked gardening as currently being demonstrated on BBC1 Countryfile! How very bizarre!
Looking forward to the Chelsea Flower Show on TV this week - I keep promising myself a trip, I'm sure it's a fabulous day, maybe next year...

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  1. Anonymous21/5/09

    If you decide to go can I come too!
    Janet from Facebook


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