Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh Happy Day!

My dreams have come true - I am the proud owner of a new sparkling laptop! Little did John know that I had stood longingly at the weekend, trying to justify the expense - could use son's staff discount, plus Nectar card points but that would still leave me short... now I can sit beside him on the sofa Tweeting, Facebooking & blogging the evening away - pure bliss!

I sat at work today thinking that I'd love to spend my days writing creatively - used to love it at school, all those years ago, found it all quite easy. But then reality bites - it won't pay the bills will it? Now the laptop has arrived who knows!

Back to domestic matters and good news on the agricultural front - the peppers seem to have started to grow, my son was sooo pleased! I must say I was too - otherwise it would be a fiver down the drain!! And the grass is starting to green up as well, number 2 son proudly announced that it was due to the fact that he had drenched it to puddling last night.

That's all for now - need to investigate the rest of this beautiful machine!

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