Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Did you miss me? Did you even notice? Yesterday was so non-eventful there was absolutely nothing of any interest to write about - to be honest today probably hasn't been much better! Dawn chorus started stupidly early - probably about 3.30 (can't say for sure 'cos our clock beams light onto the ceiling - once it's light you can't see it (hence the need for new curtains with a good lining!) Ended up flitting in and out of sleep 'til about 6 which probably wasn't too bad.

I needed to be up early enough to tidy away before I left for work - don't usually worry, just hope that somebody else will do it! The new floor was laid today and looks very swish, I wasn't sure about having laminate right through but I think it will grow on me. Just need the rest of the fireplace to arrive now and we'll be set - once we've found the CD/DVD cabinet of course!

Work was OK to start, a bit boring because I had about 300 records to amend - excel to bespoke system, right clicks all round as I could copy & paste most. After the last few weeks, things had started to settle down but sleeping dogs don't lie very long and they've started to growl again - me thinks it may be time to seek employment elsewhere, question is where??? Ohhh, I'm getting too long in the tooth to be worrying about looking for new jobs.

Well, sorry but this hasn't been even slightly entertaining today - I'll try harder to make tomorrow's post better, if no post then you'll know I've failed and am in abject misery!!

Oh - just remembered that John spotted my photo of breakfast - now his reaction was funny!

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  1. Well you could always take a leaf out of my book and be a new girl at school at 49! Funny though spent yesterday trying to make an IT programme work - nothing changes


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