Saturday, 6 June 2009

Typical Man

This was posted by my friend Charlie on his FB page - made me chuckle (especially when I read it in his Irish brogue!)

A man was drowning out at sea.

He called God save me.

Two men in a boat came along he said 'Go away God will save me'. Another boat came along he said 'Go away God will save me.'

Then a helicopter landed but he said go away God will save me.

He drowned and arrived at the gates of heaven.

Said to St Peter why did God not save me. Peter said 'For heavens sake He sent 2 boats and a bloody helicopter what else could he do?'

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  1. Anonymous7/6/09

    I have used this joke in a sermon - now that's got you wondering hasn't it! Love from Jaydubblah


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