Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Pinched with Pride

I make absolutely no apologies for today's post, I lay no claim to its originality and am proud to say I have stolen the idea from Shark Bait and added my own twist! Interestingly though, I think that a lot of these will strike a chord with a lot of you...

Why am I the only one ...

  • Who notices that the laundry basket is full?
  • Who replaces the loo roll?
  • Who notices the dust balls in the corners?
  • Who empties the various bins around the house?
  • Who notices that the lawn needs mowing?
  • Who can weed the garden?
  • Who remembers to water the garden?
  • Who can buy the daily newspaper?
  • Who can think of things to buy for Christmas & birthdays?
  • Who remembers birthdays?

Please be assured that this list is by no means exhaustive and I'm sure that I will add to it from time to time – I may even give it the name of 'Why Wednesday' – perhaps it will catch on!

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