Saturday, 6 June 2009

Almost successful Saturday

We went to Ikea today, such a shame it's an hour-plus drive - or maybe not. Whenever I go I end up buying a load of really useful stuff that I don't really need, as shown below. It's always handy to have serving dishes but these days I probably only use them half a dozen times a year, still it's best to be prepared isn't it?

You may remember that last week I was bemoaning the loss of somewhere to buy a glass bowl - success! Lovely deep glass bowl for under £2 - it will take some filling but I bought it anyway! I'm going to have to do some serious cupboard rearranging to fit all this new stuff in - actually, I don't think I can find room. I know, I'll box up some stuff that I don't use and put it in the loft - just in case somebody needs it for a bottom drawer at some time...

The thorny issue of the cabinet for CDs/DVDs is partially resolved - after wondering around Ikea for a couple of hours we eventually found the room settings (oh - I had an admission from John, he was wrong. The furniture was not downstairs it was in fact upstairs as I had already pointed out) We found a nice set of cabinets that fit together that will not only store the discs but will replace our current 'drinks' cabinet - we've had it for about 15 or so years so. Couldn't quite make up our minds which combination to choose so decided to come home and have a think about it.
After lunch at Pizza Express in Lakeside we decided to come home - the place was heaving with people, far too many for comfortable browsing.
I'm very impressed because John set to immediately to put the tables together - normally we would have had to have a planning meeting, then end up doing it tomorrow perhaps. You'll see I've said tables - we splashed out and bought four small tables rather than one larger coffee table
and have arranged them a la Ikea, don't know if they'll stay like that or not - watch this space.
OK - all blogged out now, need to cut the grass before the rain which hasn't yet arrived but looks as if it's not far away - the water butt is almost empty so I'll be grateful for a refill.

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