Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ah yes - Carrots

Yesterday I left you wondering about the carrots – well, here they are.

I know the packet said that they were miniature but I expected something a little bigger! However, they were very tasty – most of them I ate raw but I cooked a few with dinner tonight – absolutely delicious. I have planted another batch, this time bigger and I have thinned them out, perhaps we'll have more success!

I've given up trying to fathom out why Freecycle won't work for me and decided to put some pavers and slabs on the intranet at work. I don't know why I don't do it more often because generally the stuff goes! Anyway a lady took both blocks & slabs for her allotment – wanted to make it a bit more homely. She came round in her little battered car at 9 this morning and made several trips – more space in the garage for more junk. It seems no matter how hard we try, we just keep adding more clutter. Next weekend we're going to have a skip (dumpster, for my friends from the US) and have a real good clear out – honestly. I'll take before and after pics to prove it!

I had grand plans for today but unfortunately my mouth ran away with me before my brain was in gear. Ended up upsetting John, by sighing and tutting because he wasn't looking to finish that very last bit of the front room decorating – he was tired! So was I – so I let him have it from both barrels. Result he sulks, I stomp and didn't get to Dennington's Expo!

I really don't do sulking very well – need to clear the air and move on, really difficult when the only other person in the house doesn't feel the same way, hey ho. Tomorrow is another day.

Father's Day tomorrow – bought a nice piece of lamb for dinner (even though he's not my Dad, thought I'd make an effort) hopefully that will get me some Brownie points.

Number 1 son has decided it would be helpful if he acquired some DIY skills so thought he would do some painting – a bit risky because he's never even attempted it before – he did a good job, I think there may be some mileage in that, need to go around the house and make a list!

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