Friday, 26 June 2009

Just goes to show... never know who is reading your blog! I read on another blog (apologies I can't credit the writer because I can't remember who it was, but thank you if it was you!), that you should write as if nobody else will ever read what your writing – ooh,er! I've sort of been doing that anyway, only knowing for certain who a couple of my readers were. Anyway, once again I digress. I was having a conversation with somebody today who I've known for some time and seen grow from child to adult. We were talking about Facebook contacts and contents when she mentioned the Ramblings!! I had no idea that she read my outpourings, I really hope that I have not shared anything I shouldn't – oh well too late now anyway. In my time honoured way, I would like to welcome Katie to my blog world – there you go Katie – you're slightly famous, you have a long way to go though to be as famous as the friend that I call Julie. Oh yes – Katie came by the Ramblings courtesy of my lovely goddaughter E, need to be doubly careful now – I can't be seen to be corrupting her can I? Hi E if you read this!!

I'm really glad that it's Friday, I have had enough of work this week and really need my upcoming holiday, only 13 days left before we go.

It was a real shock to wake up to the news about Michael Jackson this morning. He was iconic during my teenage years and before. My first real recollection of him would be in 1970 when the Jackson 5 recorded 'Rocking Robin'. I was 10 years old at the time dealing with the loss of my younger brother in road accident, but I can remember been sent away for the weekend to an aunt and my cousins played the 45rpm (hands up if you remember them – mm most of you I see) constantly, I guess it took my young mind off things. Anyway, lightening up and moving on I think most people of a certain age (and number 1 son of a lesser age) would agree that Thriller was the album of all time – ah well, enough reminiscing RIP Jacko.


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  1. I remember them so well! The Jackson Five was the first concert I attended. When I mentioned that at work today, all the girls looked at me and one even had the nerve to ask who The Jackson Five were! Good grief, the next thing you know they'll ask me if I knew that Paul McCartney was in a band before "Wings" ARGGG! Kathy


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