Friday, 19 June 2009

Fulfilling Friday

Had a day off today, the one that happens once a fortnight when I work ten days worth of hours in nine days (yes – of course I work more than ten days worth – but that's the principle!)I always have such high hopes that I will get all of the chores done so that the weekend is free but always end up stumbling at the first hurdle. Normally the TV. And the laptop. At one stage in my life it would have been a good book, but now the variety of material available via the web has almost made books a thing of my past.

I have developed a habit of picking up the laptop first thing every morning – checking Twitter (why – does it really matter what (mostly) total strangers are dedicating 140 characters to?), Facebook, email. I also take this opportunity to check in to the Ramblings and read any of my favourite blogs that have been updated overnight. This morning I checked into Kathy's Blog - Empty Nester to read her latest post – a real rant against a comment left on the blog of her friend. It struck a chord with me as well because it related to supermarket staff – I left a message supporting Kathy's rant. Later on in the day when I Rambled by again, I noticed a comment against the Elmo post that I added yesterday – it was from Kathy, who had found the link from my comment on her blog. Sorry – I'm going to sound really vain again. I'm really chuffed to say that Kathy is now following my blog – I have two public followers whoo, hooo!! Welcome Kathy!!

Anyway, back to the original plans for today. I nipped in and out of Twitter & Facebook whilst cleaning the kitchen (oh – forgot to say I also came across – music on demand, free if you don't mind adverts), feeling like a naughty schoolgirl, which was fine until 10am when 'Homes Under the Hammer' came on TV. It's on everyday – I don't watch it every day, so why, on my day off, is it so important that I watch it? I have the perfect answer – I do the ironing while it's on!! Result. Until halfway through when the shopping is delivered – thank the Lord for Sky+ - TV on pause, scream to number 1 son to get up and help open the door to the driver. We tend to have the same two or three drivers who offer varying degrees of assistance. Today's driver stood and watched whilst I struggled to pick the shopping out of the boxes, he made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to help. My hackles were up and I couldn't even be polite enough to say goodbye to him – and that is a huge black mark against my principles, especially considering the comments that I left on Kathy's blog only hours earlier. I know he won't see this, but I am sorry to have been so ungracious.

My future daughter-in-law turned up shortly afterwards, feeling slightly jaded after a night out with her girlfriends to belatedly celebrate her birthday and we carried on watching property programmes – she then suggested it was time that they started looking for a house!!! Whoa – hold on too early by far plus no financial means to pay for it! I tried to steer her away by offering to treat them both to lunch, phew that worked!

We had lunch at Arlingtons in town. I'd never been there before but several people had recommended it to me. It was very nice, excellent service, very pleasant atmosphere – yes I'd go back.

I am now going to make a huge, unashamed confession – my bedroom needed the biggest spring clean imaginable, as a result of my ill discipline in respect of watching TV in the mornings, I rarely get round to cleaning the bedroom (the boys are responsible for their own). My Wednesday post of 'Why am I the only one...' needs to be amended slightly to 'Why is it only us...' as number 1 son drove me on to a constructive afternoon of domestic chores – thanks D, you're a star!!

I'm looking forward to the weekend, hopefully if the weather is good we'll take a trip to the Dennington Exposition that Vivia has been working so hard to help arrange – 2-5 if you can make it!

Catch up more tomorrow – remind me to tell you about the carrots.........

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