Saturday, 13 June 2009

A bit of a catch up

Phew – what a week, mostly spent feeling totally sorry for myself in between sleeps. I can honestly say that whatever that was it knocked me for six – wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy (no, honestly I wouldn't, not even mmm ...)

In real terms nothing much has happened, I'm sorry to say that number 2 son still hasn't got anything confirmed about the new job, latest update is that he's going to meet the bloke tomorrow morning to discuss terms – yeah right. I think he's prepared for the worst so I hope he's pleasantly surprised, once again please keep everything crossed for him.

Since I started blogging myself I have become an avid follower of other people's blogs. As it says in the sidebar, I've stumbled across most of these by accident often finding a link from one blog to another. Occasionally I feel motivated to leave a comment and was absolutely flabbergasted to find a comment against one of my posts from Natalie whose blog is {my life as neil's wife}. Without sounding too gushy here, I am really touched that she took the time to read and post a comment against the post headed up Need Help – please read it, it made smile!

The decorating is almost finished, floor is laid and the fire surround is in place, just need to get the fire connected. The boys helped John to fix the fire surround, which was actually quite a challenge.

Oh, almost forgot! Nearly had a breakdown this afternoon because I lost my wireless connection to the laptop, I can't tell you how bereft I felt. Everybody else seemed to find it hilarious, I tried all the logical things then the Windows suggestion popped up to reboot the router. Well, Number 2 son was playing blasted Football Manager 2009 which I think connects to the Internet do you think he'd let me turn off the router – no way, it took me ages. John suggested that I should wait until Richard our brilliant PC technician, came around at 5 – aaaaaghhhh, no way. Eventually I managed to reboot the router which did the trick and was reunited with Twitter etc.

Tomorrow is the birthday of number 1 son's girlfriend – I thought I'd make her a cake. I've clearly lost my touch because I ended up making two cakes, both of which ended up looking like volcanoes (I think I had the oven too high)so I ended up cobbling one cake together from the two of them and making an orange and chocolate trifle with some of the leftovers! I clearly need more practice.

Ok, done well today. I've stayed awake all day but starting to flag a little bit now. Here's a little tempter for tomorrow for this space for some life changing news for one of us!

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