Sunday, 28 June 2009

Normal service is now resumed!

Apologies to those of you who have found the Ramblings a bit iffy over the past couple of days, I think it was the music player that I was using – a message appeared saying something about UK licensing. Anyway, I have removed the link and it seems to have resolved the problem! I will attempt some more tunes at another time, meanwhile feel free to leave your requests!

Lovely weekend, weather OK - stormy, sultry, misty, sunny – however no rain (actually, I could do with a downpour because the water butt is nearly empty – overnight only though please).

Planning continues for holidays, our good friends came for Chinese takeaway last night while we finalised the plans for our trip - Baltic Capitals Cruise, woooo, hoooo! Never cruised until earlier this year but booked this one before we went. I was so worried that we would hate the cruise and have to cancel but no, we LOVED it! Well and truly bitten by the bug now – Red Sea in November as well! Oh – just in case anybody is worried about our home security as we'll all be away, you needn't be. Any would be burglar reading this – don't bother. We don't have anything of value apart from the two huge Rottweilers we will be leaving in charge!

Spent some time this morning tidying up the garden, number 1 son assisted in some very heavy pruning of my beautiful ceanothus (spell checker not liking but no suggestion!) It's such a beautiful bush in flower, covered in tiny blue blooms, but it's been growing for about 10 years now and I didn't treat it harshly enough early on. The decision has been made now to keep trimming through the summer and give it a brutal chop in the autumn. If it survives the winter and shoots again, it wins and we leave it but make sure it's kept tidy in future! If not bye bye and we'll plant another one anyway! The veggies are coming on well, tomatoes (strictly fruit) are fruiting in abundance – you know when they'll be ready, yep whilst we're away, they won't be wasted though as my neighbour will use them. Same with dwarf beans as well I think.

Oh – we brought a new lawn mower today, believe it or not a little old fashioned type that needs to be pushed, yes I know – how quaint!

Just sitting watching Status Quo at Glastonbury, having also watched Tom Jones and a group that's new to me The Noisettes – oh, I'm not AT Glastonbury – I'm sitting in front of the TV, multitasking – blogging and watching!

Time for dinner now, we're having steak and because John cooks the best steak I've asked him to cook for us (no really, he does, that wasn't a cop out on my part – what do you take me for...)

Thanks for stopping by – another fun packed week to look forward to (tongue stuck firmly in cheek for that one)I'll keep you updated

Bye for now


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