Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mmmm – will this work?

After reading Grethic's post I thought I'd just try writing in Word 2007 – has a much crisper, cleaner feel than creating a post in Blogger, just have to see how it turns out! And I've made a link which I couldn't manage before.

I'm afraid I haven't made much progress with creating space for the things I brought yesterday – apart from putting pot pourri into one of the vases and arranging it delicately on one of the new tables.

I decided to be ethical and start to use Freecycle again – we had loads of hardboard to get rid of which was previously under the carpet that we took up. Generally I have really good results when I offer anything, (for those of you that don't know the system, you can offer your unwanted goods free to the Freecycle community or request something specific that you need yourself – to start you have to offer something. If you want to give it a go just Google 'Freecycle' and you can find the scheme closest to you) however I get the odd disappointment. I had about 10 responses this morning, usually I take the first come first served principle. Other people agree to wait until the whole community have had a chance to view the post but personally I just want to get rid of the stuff! Anyway, I digress, today I thought I'd be a bit more considerate and read all the replies, there were two that stood out, a lady who needed something to assist her pushing her mother's wheel chair down the drive needed three sheets and a poor art student (I had a vision of him starving in a garret)who would use it to mount his work or to paint on. I sent replies asking them both to phone to arrange collection, the student phoned and we agreed they could come at 11 to collect, you've guessed it. The other lady, despite a nice reminder email, hasn't bothered. I'm left now with three sheets to get rid of, my ethics went out of the window and I mailed the first person who replied – now just waiting for the phone call.

The heavens opened as soon as the student arrived – the hardboard was in the garage, result very wet people and mucky floor as they walked through the house, in hindsight we should have opened the gates to let them through that way! The good news is that the water butt is now full again which will keep the garden watered for a couple of weeks.

A bitty day today really – not achieved anything apart from the ironing, came over weary and slept for two hours. Need to go now to try to put some of the new bits away before John, has a fit at me.

Thanks for stopping by. (oooh hovering over the publish button – will it work?)

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  1. Great post. I haven't managed to get pictures to upload direst and have to go back and add later, so still finding the line spacing gets thrown out. Still not happy with the final result but getting better - Keep up the good work, great use of Freecycle


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