Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well I'm here! 3.47. That's the time my feathered friends started this morning, I forced an eye open more out of curiosity than anything else - just needed to prove how ridiculously early it was.

Don't worry though, I managed to grab a few extra winks till 6am! Woke with that all too familiar feeling of dread again - you know, the one when your psyche is telling you you're sick but that sensible thing sitting on your shoulders makes you pull yourself together and get going.

I got going and went to work like the good employee that I am, the boss was excited 'cos she thought she recognised somebody at work on Crimewatch - needless to say she was wrong, thank goodness. If she'd been right we would have been completely screwed!

More of the same at work, plus an interview (by me, not for me) which made a nice change.

Number 2 son had a trial day at the estate agents to see if he liked it - he did!! I know I'm biased but he looked so professional and mature in his suit, please let this work out for him.

Dinner at Zizzis, just John & I, he had to have something soft because he's been to the dentist - ahhh! He's had his front teeth repaired, they'd been disappearing slowly over the past few years (oh God, he'll kill me if he reads this - sorry) and the dentist has rebuilt them to normality, can't get used to the difference - I suppose they'll grow on me!!!

Anyway - ended up with a free meal at Zizzis, even though we had a voucher anyway! I asked for Risotto de Pesce(?sp) without chilies - they got it wrong and had to re-cook both meals. Result 20 minute wait, one free meal and two complimentary diet cokes - and excellent customer service.

Well, that feels a lot better than yesterdays outpourings, I was tempted to delete it but decided against it - just to let those of you who don't know me realise that I have down days as well as up days!

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