Friday, 5 June 2009

Surprise...turn up the volume

Well - what do you think? Yes, I know it's probably a little to cultural for me, but I keep seeing that Radio 3 ad for the Haydn season and just loved the music, don't worry, if you scroll down far enough there's some Stevie Wonder as well - and there'll be others as something comes to mind.

Well, day off today. Slept until gone 7 - how wonderful was that? Decided to have a leisurely surf (web not water of course) before breakfast after John went to work, but had an interruption from my mobile which never rings, certainly at that time of day. It was John - 'I've forgotten to bring my glasses to work, can you ask number 1 son to bring them in?' I thought it was mean to wake him up so decided to take them myself - which broke my leisurely reverie.

I didn't rush - John said not to and, as I always do as he says, I took him at his word!

Came home and worked hard at being the domestic goddess, ironing, washing, cleaning, shopping. Number 1 son and girlfriend thought it would be nice to have a barbecue - had they not seen the weather forecast? Off we went to Sainsburys to buy the requisite burgers (Taste the Difference of course, darling), sausages & rolls - plus a skirt, can never have too many clothes can I?

Number 1 son and I went to town, I offered him lunch which he turned down, saying he thinks lunch out is a waste of money (boy has he changed over the last few years) so instead we went slightly out of town to buy more bird food and a new broom (just like Julie's :)) and home to have lunch - 2.30 by this time, unheard of for me to eat lunch so late, mind you made the day go really quick. Rounded the day off with sweeping the front doorstep and garden - very long overdue!

The computer man came round this evening to look at the PC which has been running like the proverbial three legged donkey for some weeks, apparently all the protection software installed is making it limp along rather than run. He installed something called Kaspersky which isn't a free programme but will hopefully solve the problem. We need a new CD drive plus the TV card installed isn't working so he will be back next week for that. We have been really lucky in finding him to look after things for us, nice local business man, nothing's too much trouble - highly recommended.

We eventually had our barbecue indoors, which was very tasty.

Number 2 son and girlfriend are now cooking their dinner, she starts her new job tomorrow and hopefully he will finalise the details for his as well - it would be really helpful if you could all keep your fingers crossed for them, please.

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