Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Time passes... quickly, but again so slowly. Two extremes of time today. First one experienced during the early hours of this morning, having one of those nights when I appear not to have slept after 2am, although I know that I slept a little because I remember waking up dreaming – that, believe it or not, was time passing slowly, just waiting for the time on the clock to move its way through the hours and minutes of early morning until the break of day when I can no longer see the illuminated time on the ceiling, when I can hear the birds starting to sing, the boiler kick in to life and the neighbours setting off for work. Each of the sounds lets me know roughly what the time is, so that I can tell my body clock to try for another couple of hours sleep or to throw force myself to get out of bed and start the day.

On the other hand time absolutely flies! My darling goddaughter had her school prom this evening, I suddenly remembered, as John & I went out for dinner, that today was the day and we were very close to where the prom was. Good old text messaging meant we were able to meet up for a quick hug and a few tears before she went off with her friends, it seems only a short while ago I was cradling her as a new born and here we are, 16 years on she's all grown up.

On the way home we reflected on the changes we've experienced over the last few years in our family life. The advent of girlfriends, passing of driving tests and taking to the road alone (or worse, for the first time together) and the holidays as individual couples. This is the first year that we will all holiday as independent couples, number 1 son & girlfriend go off first, number 2 son & girlfriend a week later and John & I a few days after that. It also means that we will have the house to ourselves for three days and, although we are often alone, it's going to seem really strange knowing that when we go to bed at night there will be no late night returns, no car doors slamming, no TVs left on all night, no checking to see how many pairs of shoes are in the hall and not worrying who you may bump into on the landing in the middle of the night! Best of all for John & I it will mean the luxury of only having ourselves to worry about whist we prepare to go away – bliss!

Thanks for passing by and giving me a little of your precious time.


  1. Hi! I so remember those first few weeks after Cait had gone off to college. The comment about not worrying whose shoes were in the hall cracked me up. Cait was home for Father's day weekend and I almost took a picture of her shoes, volleyball and purse strewn all about the floor! Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Kathy

  2. Thanks Kathy! I'm hoping to take my laptop away wit me, just have to persuade John it's essential - wish me luck! We're not flying this time so noluggage restrictions, I always keep a travel diary, just need to emphahsise that this is the equivalent!


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