Sunday, 21 June 2009

Perhaps I should hibernate...

...that way I can avoid p***ing anybody else off! I thought the day was going too well and then I yelled at number 2 son for being sarcastic – if you knew him well, you'd understand just how wearing it can become. Anyway, I've apologised but, unfortunately, he is another sulker, oh well – peace and quiet for a couple of days!

Haven't really done much today but I have brought some fabric flowers in an attempt to dress the living room. As the room is mainly cream, I thought that a dramatic red amongst the cream would just offset the piece. Seems I was wrong, if anybody out there has an opinion please be honest and let me know. You can't be any more brutal than the family and I really do promise not to take any offence – honestly.


  1. Anonymous25/6/09

    I thoink it's because it's in the middle, make it more unsymetrical with the red to one side and the two white together

  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I will try that but I bet it's still not right lol


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