Monday, 29 June 2009

Well, they've gone. Number 1 son and girlfriend are somewhere over the Atlantic right now on their way to the Dominican Republic. How things change, my first holiday without parents was Bideford in Devon, how grown up that all seemed (shock, horror – that was over 30 years ago!) John volunteered to do the airport run this morning and for some reason got up at 4.15! They weren't planning to leave until 6! So of course I was awake, trying to go back to sleep, not wanting to miss them leaving – result fell asleep – ish after they had gone and felt grotty when I had to get up for work at 7 – hmph. I'm slightly worried by a Twitter comment left by @farctum that she will tell me about her daughter's holiday 'when he's safely home' she promises it's nothing too bad!

As a bit of a bonus work wasn't too bad once we got past 9 o'clock – the three bad things all came before then, once I stopped bashing my head against the wall (I kid you not – I needed to know how good it would feel when I stopped!)positivity crept in and (whisper it) I had quite a good day, loads of fiddly bits done and had some good news about a colleague, always a bonus.

Off on one of my training days tomorrow – coaching skills this time, we have had to think of two subjects to be 'coached' in. At first I said holidays and retirement but they would probably both come relatively easy, instead I've gone for repairing a dysfunctional team (if you are reading this and wonder if I mean you, I probably do!) and supporting a newly appointed colleague – get me!

Just wondering now if Andy Murray is going to survive this match, and do I really care one way or the other? Probably not.

OK – off now bins need emptying, dishes need drying – where's my son when I need him?


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