Monday, 8 June 2009

Monday misery

Ahh, poor me! Felt a bit under the weather for a few days now – sore throat thing going on (and off). I think I was awake from 2am today. I say think because I seem to have lain in bed, putting all sorts of things to right, you know – what do I need to do at work, opening chapter for my virtual novel, the state of the nation etc. In between just trying to count, relax etc I may just have dropped off occasionally. Anyway, when I got up at 6 I felt so rough I made the momentous decision not to go to work today. This decision however was no miracle cure, no panacea for my unwell-ness. I didn't actually know why I wasn't well – headache, sore throat, feeling of anxiety – all of the above? The trouble is I don't do sick from work, not only do I do the martyred mother act extremely well, I am equally adept at the martyred employee always dismissing suggestions that I should go home for my sake and that of others.

I slept for most of the morning – except for when darling number 2 son came in to make sure I was OK and to bring me tea, biscuits and paracetamol. He amazes me with his total swing from loony idiot to caring adult, today was the latter. He had a busy day today, first off his consultation for his injury claim following his accident at work last August – must have gone well because the consultant made his foot hurt – and then another visit to the estate agency to 'finalise' arrangements. Needless to say nothing is yet 'finalised'. Apparently the branch manager has two options, one is for him to take an NVQ which will effectively make him a modern apprentice on £80 per week – erm, don't think so – and the other is to be a trainee negotiator – erm, no brainer yes please. Branch manager needs to speak to Regional manager when he gets back from Dubai on Thursday (business can't be too bad can it?) I will be so disappointed if he is only offered the NVQ route, he's worth far more than that and won't take it. He has worked full time for almost two years, who in their right mind would give up a full time job to go backwards in the career stakes?

Anyway back to me me me! Boringly I slept nearly all afternoon as well, still don't feel much better John has offered to cook dinner, which means shoving two chicken breasts in foil in the oven with oven chips. Still it's the thought that counts.

Oh – you'll be pleased to know that I managed to put all of my purchases from Saturday away with minimal rearranging – the cupboards are stacked a little precariously but the doors all closed without too much trouble!

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