Monday, 5 October 2009

Wet Monday!

I can't believe how the simple turning of one month into the next can so drastically change the weather, but this is what has happened to us now that September has become October. In the space of just a few days temperatures have dropped and mornings and evenings are darker yet there is something special about Autumn. Probably the season with the most marked changes, the leaves turn quickly, the mornings (when dry) have a unique smell as the damp leaves underfoot wake up for the day and the evenings bring the moonlight earlier.

My route to work takes me through a housing area but there are still trees and bushes around. One of the trees is a horse chestnut currently weighed down with conkers which fall at the most inopportune moments! It's hard not to laugh when one falls on the head of a fellow pedestrian - after all it could be me, fingers crossed it never is!

Talking of work, my lovely boss who I have mentioned before is leaving. We have worked together for a long time now and I'm really going to miss her. It also gives me a dilemma - do I apply for the job when it's advertised? I've tried before but failed miserably, mainly because the whole organisation was in a state of turmoil at the time and I was left to flounder. Now I am further down the line, have a really good team of colleagues around me and have sort of made a niche for myself - a big decision to be made, I'll keep you posted (literally!)

Having written yesterday that I don't go out I am doing just that tonight - a couple of people are leaving work so I'm going along to make up the numbers, you can be sure I won't have a late night! Son 1 has offered to drive so I may even have a glass of wine (or two but not much more).

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  1. Hope you had fun last night! The weather is starting to turn here also, for one thing we've been getting LOTS of rain yippee! And we're supposed to get a cold front this weekend. Of course here that means that the highs will be in the seventies instead of nineties lol. Have a great week. And if you decide to go for the job when its posted GOOD LUCK! Kathy


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