Friday, 30 October 2009

Dear Thomson

I know it seems like only yesterday that I last went on holiday but I'm off again next Thursday. Well at least I hope I am. We currently do not have any tickets. Despite several phone calls and the reassurance that the tickets have been sent – twice – we have no tickets. I'm not over optimistic that writing this post will result in any sort of response from Thomson Holidays but after last week's success with Vodafone, here's hoping!

So Thomson, if you're reading this, what we would really like is for you to courier our tickets to your local branch before we leave for the airport. We really do not want to stand in line with lord knows how many other aggrieved passengers for hours on Thursday at the airport. We've given you plenty of opportunity to get the tickets to us and strangely enough all of our other post gets through – you know, the stuff we don't want. As we have booked a hotel with the intention of checking in our luggage the night before and therefore only needing to get to the check in desk 90 minutes before departure we are seriously hacked off with you as a company.

Lots of love


Oh – we're off to the Red Sea for another cruise!!

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  1. I really hope your tickets do get to you on time - Have a great holiday, you know you deserve it!

  2. Hope your tickets arrived.. I am so jealous!

    Have a great time :)


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