Thursday, 1 October 2009

My little obsession

Well one of them anyway! When I was having a quick blog-hop the other day I stopped off at Tiburon's place, Shark Bait ,where she had been brave enough to share her Google Analytics results for people who had arrived on her blog from Google – so I have stolen taken her idea and decided to share some of my searches. I've only recently added the analytics tool (I did it after I had the mahoosive surge in visitors one evening) - like Tiburon I find the results fascinating.


Here are my results:


Random people at walmart - You might remember I got soooo excited a couple of weeks ago when the Ramblings was top of the Google search list (it's here if you need a reminder J)

 – Speaks for itself!


random people in walmart - Just a different combination


gardenhood facebook tips how often water what the .... I can't even remember writing about it this but I've just Googled it for the hell of it and this is the result!


heather arkle blog am I famous or was it a friend who forgot the name??



wal mart random people - there's a pattern emerging here...

witty wednesday - top of the list again! The post is here!


Well, I found it's amazing the things people will waste their time on... ... ...

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  1. I don't understand this but then i am very tired. You'll have to explain Google analytics to me


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