Friday, 9 October 2009

Baring My Twitter Soul

I woke up at half-past stupid this morning (4.30 to the uninitiated), tried but failed to go back to sleep, despite playing my little around the world game, so got up at 6 powered up good old lappy to see that Grethic had posted all about Twitter tools – I just had to participate and here's my responses

Twitter Grader 85/100

Twanalyst Personality: likeable, inquisitive, and unremarkable. Style: garrulous coherent. Talker!!!

Tweeteffect – fairly consistent – lose some followers, gain some followers

Happy Tweets Not Very Happy
(oh shame)

Twitter Counter – Mines a steady rise!

Twitalyzer Mmm – High signal to noise ratio but everything else sooo low

Tweetstats Breaks down your tweets by the hour – guess what? I tweet more during the evenings!

Twitter Friends Guess who I mention most (and mentions me back most...don't think you'd be surprised!)

Twitter Sheep – See above!

Give it a go – if you've got time to kill!


  1. I keep coming back for the links hence the numerous visits from Billericay!

  2. These things are fun..

    I followed @goodbyebuddy on Twitter and now I get a DM everytime someone un-follows me, which I like. They are usually spam though and ones I had never followed in the first place.


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