Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I think I'm just about to write about nothing - again! Hold on, there must be something that has happened since the last time I wrote about nothing...

Work - work has happened a-plenty! It's been really manic these past couple of weeks, for anybody reading this who hasn't already worked it out, I work in a hospital. Quite a large hospital with an even larger population, which is growing. Daily. In keeping with most hospitals we struggle at times to find enough room for people who desperately need our services - this week has been one of those times. I'm sure that nobody this applies to will read what I'm writing but everybody works so hard to make it happen - nurses, doctors, radiographers and everybody else - they all pull out all the stops at times like this and somehow it all happens. Makes you proud of the NHS.

On the boss front - decision is made. I am not going to apply for her job. I thought long and hard and made a suggestion to the powers that be about a 'trial run' but that went unheeded and I really don't think that I've got the confidence to go straight for it. Fingers crossed that the person they appoint is somebody I can get on with otherwise I may end up looking for another job!

Tomorrow sees me off for a very challenging day in a beautiful location - lots to take in, I went to the same event last year and it all went right over my head!

Well, that's quite a bit about nothing - day off on Friday (first for four weeks as I missed the last one) perhaps I'll feel inspired to be more creative!


  1. I just dream of, one day, no one being ill and in need of any care - mad dream eh! LOL

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day off. Good luck with the new boss. You're such a sweetie, if they don't get on with you I would think the problem was with them! Kathy


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