Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Stealing – The ABC of Meme

The title of this one kind of gives the number of questions away! Thanks to Sunday Stealing for another half an hour taken from my life!


Advocate for: Young people to have the best opportunities available

Best Feature: My modesty J

Could do without: hassle at work!

Dreams and desires: Happiness for me and mine – friends and family

Essential items: My laptop, money, chocolate

Favorite past time: Blogging!!!

Good at: Organising

Have never tried: Abseiling – and have no intention of ever trying! (Among a million other things!)

If I had a million dollars: I'd buy the boys the places of their dreams and settle down to prepare for my old age!

Junkie for: Surfing (cyber space)

Kindred spirit: Hard one – probably anybody reading this from the Cybersphere!

Little known fact: I am actually quite shy ;)

Memorable moment: (s) Has to be getting married and having my boys

Never again will I: try Go Karting! Did it once about 10 years ago and hated it!

Occasional indulgence: posh ice cream! You know – the stuff with special bits in it.

Profession: Middle Manager (yuk – horrible description)

Quote: If there is anything better than to be loved, it is loving (Anonymous)

Reason to smile: Everything (generally)

Sorry about: Missed opportunities earlier in my life.

Things you are worrying about right now: Who will be my new boss?

Uninterested in: NFL!!!! (American Football for the uninitiated – just don't get it, no matter how I try and my son has tried many times!)

Very scared of: nothing really

Worst habits: worrying unnecessarily – like in relation to T above!

Yummiest dessert: Banofee Pie

X marks my ideal vacation spot: A large expanse of ocean with a few islands dotted around!

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


  1. I love your reason to smile!!! That's so great. You most definitely have the right attitude. And Banofee Pie? I have to google on that one.

    Mine's posted. Come join me? Click HERE

  2. You'll never see me karting either.

    Have a great Sunday

  3. I'd like to try abseiling someday:) your vacation spot sounds like the Hundred Islands. Beautiful place and got some pics here.

    My SS is up too.

  4. I love the posh ice cream with little bits!! So British!!

  5. What are "little bits"? I'm American.

    Groan. We're stupid.


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