Monday, 28 September 2009

There it was – gone...

...Or that was the weekend that was! Despite a tragic score line at Portman Road on Saturday the weekend was good (in case you care we lost 4-0 to Newcastle United). Unusually I had the possibility of sleeping in on Saturday – number 2 son had stayed at girlfriends on Friday night so no early start from them getting ready for work and the neighbour didn't have to start work at 6 AM so no noisy exhaust from him – guess what 5.45 AM! What the hell woke me up? Whatever it was it woke John up as well so I tried the very subtle hint of 'mmm that would be lovely' to which he replied 'what?' 'Cup of tea' 'I didn't say anything' 'Oh must have dreamt it then...' he doesn't get subtlety! No tea for me then L

Although football didn't start until 5.30 we set off to town for a late lunch and we, wait for it, went in on the bus! What an experience, to start we waited about half an hour for a bus, then I went to pay - I think the driver thought I wanted to buy the bus (John gets a free ride because of his senior citizen status) £1.80 for what, 10 minutes? A smelly, bumpy very unpleasant experience all of life's less fortunates were on that journey. All talking at the tops of their voices, trying to outdo the people sitting near them – I love people watching but boy this lot took some watching! I don't think I'll be rushing to get another bus anytime soon – so much for trying to help the environment.

We had lunch at Arlingtons again – sadly the service was not up to scratch all though the food was excellent as usual. When we paid the bill John made a comment about the service and we were told that it was only the waiter's second shift – felt a little bit mean but that's life.

Before the game the club held a wreath laying ceremony for Sir Bobby Robson on the occasion of his two favourite clubs playing one another for the first time since his death – it was a very moving experience only equalled by the tributes through the rest of the game.

Moving on, we're into the winter season for the TV – which means reality TV – X Factor & Strictly Come Dancing. The trouble is they are both on at the same time – I know I could record one but the problem is I never get round to watching it! Never mind – what does it really matter – it is only TV!

Sunday just flew by. I cooked a roast dinner – the first time in ages I've cooked a meal from scratch. Well, I say from scratch but confess to using frozen roast potatoes – I know, I know I should do my own but it's so much easier to use frozen. I did make a blackcurrant and apple crumble, well, I say made...OK I used packet crumble mix – alright I hear you, stop yelling at me!

Anyway all in all a nice weekend, punctuated by my obsession with checking to see who had come visiting for Sunday Stealing – I keep thinking I'll grow out of it...eventually.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! And I'll confess, I generally use frozen potatoes too. Now the crumble, do you think Fed X would ship that to Texas? Because it sounds delicious! Hope you have a great week. Kathy


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