Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another week , another reveal!

Another first for me this week – a bag on a clip frame, I’ve always wondered how these work and now I know. This one is called Easy Peasy Purse and came in kit form from U-handbag. I have to say it was very easy to make although I struggled a little getting getting the fabric into the frame – but it will be easy next time!

In other news I took myself off to Dunelm on my day off as I had read on Catherine's blog here that she’d got an absolute bargain roll of fabric – 10 metres for £9.99. I had to have a look didn’t I? So was I as lucky? No of course not! Although I did get four end of rolls for £2.99 a metre, all a slightly heavier cotton, not really quilt weight but will be great for bags. And it will make a lot of bags. I bought 10 metres. Yes, I know who can make that many bags? Perhaps I’ll share it…..

Son 2 finally booked his flight to go to Australia. He was going to fly in October but has become so disillusioned at work over the past few weeks he’s bought it forward to early September. He’ll fly to Melbourne and go where the fancy (and the work) takes him. Good luck to him, he’s young enough to get the best from it and I hope mature enough to make it work for him – and before you ask, of course I’ll miss him!

And finally, the reveal – here it is my first clip frame bag (the fabric is Amy Butler ‘Tumble Roses’)…

Tumbling Rose Clip (2)


Tumbling Rose Clip

Just off to order some frames I think…… Winking smile

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ooops–forgot something!

Cast your eyes to the right – notice anything new? If you’re not seeing this as the top post you’ll have to scroll up to the top of the side bar Smile!

Whilst I was whiling away some time this morning I noticed that Lynn over at Lilly’s Quilts has started a Hexalong. Naively I thought that hexagons were just that, six sided shapes cut and joined together, however there are so many ways to make a hexagon you wouldn’t believe it. Anyway, Lynn’s inviting people to join in, all of the instructions are on this page here and all abilities can join in – take a look at her Flickr group as well!

Own up–who stole summer?

Talk about a wet weekend!! It’s barely stopped pouring since yesterday morning – looks like summer is over!

John was supposed to be going on a circular geocaching trail yesterday, I think it was something like a seven mile circuit, quite wisely he and his friend decided to change direction and go for caches they could drive between! He’s been out this morning though, I think I heard him leave at 6.15, and managed to avoid the rain.

I read an article recently that said that sewing, particularly quilting, was good for the soul. My soul is in need of some goodness so, with that in mind, I sat all afternoon yesterday piecing and sewing hexagons. I’m trying to square the sides now ‘cos I figured a square quilt will be more practical than a hexagonal one! I’ll share more when it’s squared – it’s getting quite big now!

One of my friends at work is leaving this week so I have made her a bag (what else) it’s from one of the fat quarters that I bought in Whitby. I hope she likes it – I’ve finished it off with one of my lovely new labels which I bought from here Smile.


Melanie 2

In other fabric news, I spent some time this morning tidying my stash which now takes about three drawers in the spare room chest of drawers. It’s quite a little habit I’ve got into Sad smile(I know sad), I go from having it sorted in colours to sorted in sizes – yardage (should that be meterage?), kits, fat quarters, smaller-than-fat-quarters-but-not-quite-scraps and, of course, scraps. Did I tell you that I’d created a scrap bin…..Smile

I also bought some yardage from Simply Solids in the sale – I recommend that you visit if you need like good quality fabrics at good prices, free UK postage and no VAT!! Plus excellent customer service, nicely wrapped parcel and delivery within a day or two of sending the order.

I’ve been playing nurse maid to Son1 today, he picked up food poisoning at a works do and ended up with a visit from a paramedic this morning so FDIL dropped him here on her way to work. I use the term nurse maid loosely because he came in and went straight to bed – his trusted elephant, that he’s had since he was born, tucked firmly under his arm – I knew then that he really was feeling poorly!!

So, that’s another week gone – four days to work this week, having Wednesday off for a change, but then two whole weeks without a day off ‘cos the boss is away on her holidays!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A bit of a makeover…


…in progress I think. May leave it, may change it again – if you have an opinion one way or the other, please let me know – I just thought it was time for a change with all these new things popping up in Blogger.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fishy Feet Friday!

I’d been looking forward to my trip yesterday for several weeks. It was the day that Janet and I had planned for our Fish Pedicure, neither of us had been before but both wanted to try it. Janet was Project Manager for the adventure and was set the task of finding somewhere for us to go, after much research she settled on this place – Beauty Rituals in Melton. The location for this seemed a little strange as it is in an industrial estate but the place itself was lovely. It’s a beauty salon as well which seems to be a common theme for fish pedicurists (yes, that is a word!!).

We had opted to share the experience which meant that one of us had to shuffle across the bench seat whilst keeping our feet out of the tank – surprisingly I managed this successfully and let Janet have the easier option Winking smile.

I wish I had taken photographs! The whole experience was amazing, the first few moments are hell if you have ticklish feet (which I have – big time) but after a very short while it settles down and becomes almost a buzzy feeling. I didn’t feel as if my feet were even in water – the temperature is just right – even though I was sitting dangling my feet over the edge of the seat. I think I had the best feet for the fishes as they spent more time with me than they did with Janet but I have to say my feet are now feeling probably the best ever! No scraping or rubbing with files, no slicing with scalpels or pushing down on cuticles. I still have a little hard skin around the base of my heels but my cuticles, soles of my feet, back of my heels where shoes had left their mark have all gone – along with my corns!!

There weren’t this many fish in our tank but it gives you an idea!!

So, if you get the opportunity, do find somewhere to have this done – this one cost £10 for 15 minutes. Janet and I would both recommend single sittings though – whilst it was very nice to spend time sitting, literally, cheek to cheek it would be better on your own!

It was Janet’s birthday as well yesterday, so we made the most of the time we had together by having a little retail therapy followed by lunch at The Riverside which her husband kindly treated us to!

The day was rounded of with a visit from son 1 and FDIL for dinner – for some reason I was shattered by the end of the day!!

So that was Friday, today I’m off to Felixstowe to buy zips and thread – why is that, whatever I decide to make, I always need thread that I haven’t got – I’m turning in to Nicola with my stash of reels of thread! (Take a look over at her latest post – she’s already planning Christmas!!)