Thursday, 17 September 2009

It’s OK to be like this...

Where has this week gone – Thursday already, hurray! I find myself feeling guilty for being a lazy blogger! Not an original thought has left these fingers since Sunday Saturday (sorry – just realised that I posted Sunday's meme on Saturday night) and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

Sunday saw us attend the wedding fair as we had planned - going out mid morning till early afternoon really threw my body clock for some reason! We got back from Kersey Mill around 1.30 and FDIL's mum and brother came back with us for a coffee – but by this time I was starving! I felt so mean – wishing that they would go so I could eat but good old FDIL (who's always hungry) managed to persuade them to go home! As son 1 had the day off we decided to go out for lunch, big debate – 'Oh just make a decision' he said, so we went to a local pub that I have mentioned before but not going to name this time because it was a less than pleasant experience! I suppose the sign outside saying 'Family Pub' was a bit of a giveaway, the place was heaving at 3pm when we arrived – I was so convinced that nobody else would want to eat at that time, after all isn't Sunday lunch supposed to be at 1pm? Yes – I know we were there for lunch but come on – everybody else? Did they really need to be there at the same time? Anyway, a passable meal in a very noisy environment led us to just want to get home as soon as possible. By this time I was all over the place – felt like it should be about 8pm but in reality it was about 4.30, really weird - to steal a word from a young friend of mine I was discombobulated (yes folks that really is a word!).

Enough of Sunday, back to work on Monday – feeling that I really needed a weekend! Given that Sunday was a really chilly day I decided that I needed to abandon the summer wardrobe and squeeze my feet into proper shoes, I'd bought a new pair last week and thought I'd risk them. Walk to work – OK not sore (those of you that know me well will know that I suffer terribly with painful feet especially in the winter), walked round all day – not sore. I was very impressed because normally, new shoes means sore feet. Tuesday was a bit more of a challenge. Work is a fairly long site about one mile end to end and I work in the middle – meeting one – furthest point North, meeting two – furthest point south. I make that about two miles round trip – feet were a tad sore but not too bad! Still quietly impressed with new shoes. Sadly by Wednesday morning I was paying the price L bring on the Voltarol! Magic cream or what – I smothered carefully applied the appropriate amount to both feet and abracadabra pain free feet all day long! How I wish I'd known of it before – will keep a tube close by at all times now!

Anyway enough of my feet! I've been hooked on a new gadget form Google Analytics which shows me all about my visitors – where they come from, how long they stay, what site has sent them to me, just another little obsession for me. A few weeks ago Erin included a link to Navel Gazing At Its Finest - Life Cycle of a Blog. I've delayed posting the link because I think I pretty well fit all of the first half of the list! I suppose it goes to show that it's not just me but most new bloggers really obsess about what they are doing and how well or otherwise it's received. Actually I feel quite comforted by it, almost as if it makes it OK!


  1. Oh I too suffer from sore feet all the time! It does not seem to matter what shoes I wear or how long I stand or don't stand...they always NEED a good foot rub! Aaaah. I have not heard of this cream you use yet- I use the Topricin foot cream (and their pain cream) and it is so so wonderful. I love it most because it has all natural ingredients in it too :) It is great to not feel dependent on oral pain meds huh? Well, "here's to soothed feet" :) Take care!

  2. I'm glad your feet are feeling better! And I'm glad you figured out Google Analytics - it's fun, isn't it?


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