Friday, 4 September 2009

TGI Friday

I know, hardly an original title for a Friday but one that is so very heartfelt!

To be honest the week wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would be work-wise. Yes I've been busy and had a few long days but apart from that little issue that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, nothing to really worry about. The boss will be so pleased when she comes back on Monday!

On the home front I've been incredibly lazy this week – no ironing, minimal cooking and precious little else. I have just been so darned tired (watch the Google ad sense pick up on this one), I haven't slept properly since Sunday night, instead feeling that I've been awake for a couple of hours during the night – you know the feeling? When you open your eyes, creep out of bed for the inevitable night time bathroom visit, try not to focus too much and get back to bed with the minimum of wake-up? Then you lie, eyes tightly closed, not daring to look at the clock – just in case you wake yourself up further. Then you find yourself turning over – and back (repeatedly) still desperately trying not to wake up fully. My logical self tells me that last night I did not lay awake for two hours because I know that I fell asleep playing a new little game I've invented. Did you ever play the game I packed my bag an in it I put....? When you have to start with an object beginning with A, then B and repeat the A, C and repeat A&B etc? Well this game was a variation when I decided I'd think of countries that I've visited in alphabetical order – America, Belgium, China (well not visited but couldn't think of one beginning with C that I had visted!), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Honolulu (see China!!), zzzzzzzzzz...then I'd come to again and realised I'd lost my train of thought and start at the beginning – this happened several times and it wasn't until I was walking to work this morning that I realised I had actually fallen asleep for some considerable time mid concentration! Of course now I'm wondering whether my sleeplessness is a figment of my imagination – if it is why the hell am I so darn tired all the time?

Anyway – it's the weekend hurray! I'm off to meet Janet from Just Jotting Along for another lazy lunch – you may remember that we met up for the first time about a month ago and really enjoyed each other's company, I really must sleep properly tonight – otherwise I'll end up falling asleep in my lunch!

Back to matters domestic – I have found myself a lady 'to do' for me! Thanks to the power of Twitter and @flashmaggie's kindness in recommending her 'treasure', Sylvia will be starting with me on Tuesday – I so cannot wait to come home from work and find my house clean and shiny – no more guilty weekends thinking I ought to really get off of my butt and do something domestic! All I need now is a green fingered man (or woman) who fancies pottering around in my garden for a couple of hours a week......

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  1. Hi, came across your blog on Posh Totty's blog..

    I can so relate to your tiredness, I never have enough energy to anything much after work..

    I'm jealous you have a "lady" though, not sure I could afford one.


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