Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Wow – it's Wednesday already, where has the week gone so far? The remnants of summer are just about hanging on here in eastern England, we have had some glorious days over the past week or so – probably warmer than a lot of August days – we need to make the most of this lovely weather because the autumnal changes will soon be upon us. Already the nights are drawing in – I recently saw a comment of 'it's getting late earlier' which sums up the sudden arrival of dark evenings.

The garden is also showing signs of needing to settle down for the winter, the tubs and containers have all long stopped flowering and my attempts at growing vegetables yielded mixed results. We had tomatoes a plenty, Lolorosso lettuces which were delicious and radishes from two crops. The dwarf beans were disappointing – probably because they came to fruit just as we went on holiday and didn't get watered properly – and the butternut squash only produced two fruits because the others all rotted on the stems! Oh – the strawberries were good too! So will I grow veg again next year? Don't know. The trouble is it always falls to me to water and if I don't feel like going out in the evening the plants get parched and start to keel over – perhaps next year somebody else might take some responsibility – we'll have to see!

I've had the day off today and wandered into town (well not so much wandered as took Son 1's car!) As I walked past a shop I saw this sign and just had to buy it – it will look really good in my office and no doubt raise many a comment!

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