Sunday, 20 September 2009

From way back when...

A few months ago I received an invitation to attend a reunion at the place I started work when I was 16. Back in the day it was called Eastern Electricity but before its final demise it had several other names.

We were invited to meet at a pub local to where the office was which meant a drive down to the north of London for John & I. We booked a hotel for the night as it's just a tad too far these days to drive home after an evening out. Before the real gathering we arranged to meet up with a couple of friends with whom we are still in touch, Sue & Linda, for a meal in a local restaurant which meant we all arrived together at the venue.

I have never heard so many squeals of glee when people recognised colleagues not seen, in some cases, for over 30 years! When I started I was 16. Very young and naive, totally innocent of life's surprises and painfully shy. I met up with people who 30+ years ago had seemed so old – they were, after all 20, compared to my 16. How strange, now that we are all hovering around the 50 mark, that difference is no longer there? Some people hadn't changed a bit over the years, others had grown into their skins, I think most of us had shown an increase in weight but overall most people had the familiar features which helped to make them identifiable.

I am so glad I went – it could have gone either way, but I think everybody would agree the evening was a total success - Alison is even thinking about organising, wait for it, a DISCO!! Can you imagine all those old bones doing some shapes on the dance floor? Whaddya mean 'No'? Bring it on – the disco was one of the things we all loved way back when up in the Social Club room! Night Fever, Night Fever........


  1. So glad you enjoyed it. I remember those disco's with people you hadn't met from other offices, although my first few such outings were dinner/dances with waltzs and foxtrots!

  2. I went to a school reunion a few years back and found it all rather an uncomfortable experience- never again!


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