Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday Fun – No Offence Intended

This one is courtesy of my shy and retiring friend and neighbour - Tracey!

OK be many of us REALLY ENJOY getting little angel love notes from every person in our address book? You know the ones with 'I love you so... here's an angel....... ' And like the cute wasn't bad enough, they then THREATEN you with bad luck if you don't send it on to others and back to them to prove you read the email and you love them too !!! and then you feel guilty if you don't and a sucker if you do...A vicious tactic! So here's my version:

Take the fairy dust:

Add it to one of those angels
And PHOOF!!!!.....

That's what I call an Angel....


  1. Aye but is there anything worn beneath the kilt?

    Nah - it's all in perfect working order!

  2. And there's me leaving the last line!

  3. Mmmmm now thats my kind of angel :O)


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