Thursday, 10 September 2009

How many...

...visitors? I think my counter has had some sort of breakdown! While I'd like to think that over 10,000 people stopped by overnight I really don't think that can be true! Dilemma now - shall I delete it and start again, remove it completely and stop obsessing over numbers(!) or just leave it and see what happens next?

If you're brave enough to leave a suggestion I'll go with the flow!


  1. How bizarre! Either something is wrong with the counter site, or...I don't know what else! Do you subscribe to Google Analytics which tells you how many people visit your blog per day, and where they come from? Just google the term "Google Analytics" and follow the directions to put the HTML code on your blog. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Dear Sparkle

    You asked for advice so here it is. You have clearly spent too long in the NHS. This obsession with performance and numbers is deep rooted and causing anxiety. My advice to you is:
    1) Remember that numbers are not real, they are an arbitrary device in an attempt to count things but just like hospital beds they may or may not be real is a bed that is used twice by two different people two beds or two (part) bed days, is it only a bed if it is fully staffed etc - you get the idea
    2) - try some Zen yoga followed by some wii fit boxing -
    That should cure you :)

  3. Thank you both so much for your helpful advice (Erin) and your GOSH (Grethic). I'm waiting for Google Analytics to whirr through the past month's activity - I'd started to install it last week and only got half way!

    And Grethic - going to take myself off to bed and see what happens overnight tonight! What fun :)

  4. That last comment should have been GSOH to Grethic!!!!


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