Saturday, 5 September 2009

Lovely Lunch

I'd like to start this post by thanking my wonderful husband for waking me up at 3am this morning! I say he woke me up because I suddenly found myself in conversation with him – Him 'did something just wake you up?' Me 'Yes – you!' He then went on to say that he thought something must have woken us both up at the same time – I have absolutely no idea what woke us up! Although later in the day somebody tweeted that the fact that there was a full moon might have had something to do with people having trouble sleeping – I'm not really into all that stuff so I wouldn't be able to comment. Anyway, he made a lovely cup of tea and I went back to sleep really quickly – until the next door neighbour started his noisy car at 5.50! Overall that is probably the best sleep I've had all week so I really shouldn't complain.

As I mentioned yesterday I met up with Janet for lunch today, we met at Arlingtons (notice no hyperlink to them today) and it was packed (hence no hyperlink), clearly all the publicity that I have given them over recent weeks is making them very popular! On the way through town Janet had noticed another restaurant that seemed to have plenty of room so we wandered along to Morgans Wine Bar and Bistro which did indeed have plenty of room – in fact there were only two people in there! The menu looked good – similar in some ways to Arlingtons – and the restaurant itself looked very nice too. We both opted for spicy crabmeat and salad sandwich which came served on ciabatta and was delicious. We took our time again only leaving when they closed the door – there were no other customers at all by this time. Janet explained to the waitress that we were bloggers and that they would get a mention on our blogs tonight! I think the waitress thought we were business-y type bloggers so we had to explain that we were small time, small town blogging buddies – but hey, they still got their mention!

Time to settle down now for the X-Factor the first act has just finished – oh my I hope they get better, he was terrible! I'll catch you all tomorrow with the Sunday Stealing meme (if it's something I like the look of!)

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