Saturday, 20 February 2010

All done

My period of acting up is all over. You might remember if you're a long term sufferer of my ramblings that I wrote here about my boss leaving and stepping in to her shoes for a while.

Well, that while is up now. The time has passed very quickly and, whisper it, I've enjoyed it! I was very worried about what to expect and had a bit of a wobbly start but all in all it's gone well. I've survived, not gained any extra grey hairs and my normal sleep pattern may have actually improved – not greatly but a little.

So now the questions. Will I regret not applying? I don't think so. If I'm honest the time wasn't right back in November – if it were now after gaining the experience then possible I would have applied. No regrets though, the new boss starts on Monday and I know her well as she is internal to the organisation. Just in case she reads this I better say some nice things....ummm, where shall I start? Tell you what, I'll give her a week and let you know!!

I will confess though, to feeling a little flat yesterday as I returned to my usual desk, having the space of my own office for a few weeks has been very nice – a little lonely at times but my usual office is only next door so I didn't have to go far for company.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. If a job comes up in the future I think I'll apply for it – trouble is I really love the subject matter that I work in currently. That's Women & Children's health. I have a great relationship with the rest of the team – we are an achieving team, all of us working to the same goals which really helps. I'm also reluctant to move to a different hospital. Where I work now is a short walk to work and as I'm getting older I can't face the thought of a drive to work – it would be at least 45 minutes each way to the nearest hospitals.

I should also mention that none of this would be possible without the support that I received form my colleagues - thanks guys, you've been great!

Here's to the next challenge!


  1. I'm so glad that it went well for you Heather. Sometimes it's good to work outside of our comfort zone, it helps expand it! But I understand not wanting to drive 45 minutes to work - yikes! I'm 5 minutes from my clinic, and if needed I could walk it. Of course I'd have to leave about 2 hours earlier lol. Kathy

  2. I'm sure you've gained lots from the experience so who knows what maybe round the corner..


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