Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weekend Reflections

I’m not sure that I can keep this up every week but I’ve joined in Weekend Reflections again. I’m indoors this week using the mirror in the hallway mostly and a sneaky subdued reflection off of the fire place!

Take a look at the other participants from all over the world via the link above – there are some great photos.


002 You can just see my twiggy lights in the corner!


Just spotted the reflection from the window in the picture as well


And this one links very nicely to Alphabe-Thursday for this week – football is on the TV!

005And if you look very carefully at this one you can see the current crochet project! 


  1. Nice job Heather. I especially like the distorted reflections in the last one! Kathy

  2. So many reflections in your home. I love the frame of your hallway mirror.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Nice looks like a peaceful room to be in. I like your crochet project above....

  4. Nice! And lovely tulips!

  5. The "peek" in the first shot is a winner.


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